My Summer Holiday

During the summer holiday, me and my family didn’t really do much due to Covid-19. I read a bunch of books though. I re-read The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (but this time in Armenian) which I liked no less than the first time. I read Treasure Island (in English), and two Armenian books: Four Golden Buttons, and The Adventures of Sur and Sam.

The only family trip we did during the summer holidays is visiting the Syunik region. It was very nice there, the view of the mountains was great, and although I’m usually much more interested in games, I gotta admit that seeing all the historic stuff in Syunik and learning about them was really interesting. I was interested, but it wasn’t visible. If you looked at me, you wouldn’t think I was interested, you’d think I was tired.

The reason I was tired is because all day we were walking. With every hotel except the last one we went to, we only went back to sleep, woke up, and continued exploring all day before going to the next hotel. The last hotel had a pool, and it was fun to swim in there, which is why we stayed home all day. I also had my feet bleed from the bottom twice because of doing stupid stuff. Good times.

During the trip, we went to the longest cable car in the world, and got a good view of the tall and beautiful mountains of Syunik. At the other end, we went to Tatev monostry, and ate Tatev gata, which was really good. I actually rode a horse in this nearby park (near the monostry and cable car). The guy was letting people pay so that they can ride a horse.

We also went to Խնձորեսկ where people used to live a hundred years ago. They lived in these caves which had two benefits: The homes were hidden under the grass and it was hard to gain access to the homes.

This is unrelated to Syunik, but I’m gonna mention it cause we went here during the summer. We went to Garni temple and Geghard church. Near that area there were some natural hexagon cliffs which looked really cool.

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