I Am Going To Middle School

I am Davit Apitonian and I am 10 years old. I am a 5th grader and in a few months, I will be going to middle school. Before going to middle school, I wanna go over a few things and talk about my expectations from the middle school I will be attending.

The middle school I will be attending and the elementary school I am currently attending are connected, but it’s not that they are in the same building. When I first saw the middle school building, I thought that my classes would take place there. It turned out that the school had multiple buildings, some being used for the elementary school. I saw the building many times last year in (4th grade) because we had P.E. (Physical Education) there. My sister learns there, and she is currently an 8th grader.

I expect that in middle school, there will be new subjects and alongside those, new homework. I expect that the homework will be harder and there will be more of it. But I hope that at least one subject helps me get the career I want, which is game developing.
I will probably enjoy some of the new subjects in middle school. There obviously will be ones that I don’t like, but those subjects probably won’t affect how much I like the other new subjects.

Overall, I think the middle school I will be going to is good, but I don’t fully look forward to the huge workload I will get. I still am excited for middle school, and I wonder how my opinion on the school will change after a month of learning there.

One thought on “I Am Going To Middle School

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